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The Short Version


It's a pleasure to meet you.

I am publisher at and story tactician at

In the best of my world and business, I want to shout from he rooftops or whisper in confidence


I am a wife, mother, and an Australian citizen of the world, and most of what I do, and love to do is around these four words

Explore   -   Create   -   Story   -   Connect


Visit me at and at


The Longer Version


My Manifesto


Walk beside me as we

live, love and grow together

through this crazy, brilliant existence.

There is nothing wrong with me.

I donít need fixing.

I am constantly pivoting,

responding to feedback from the world

and from within me,

And responding to the learning I encounter each day Ö

towards the best experience

for this existence.

I inhabit a compass that pivots, around the dual attachment at two points,

bound to this earth by its existence here,

bound to the spirit that is eternal love.

Between those is an infinite range of existence and possibilities that are neither better nor worse, just existence.


rich in emotion and physical sensation,

full of

creativity, connection, exploration and story.


You and Me


Your story matters.  You are Pivotal.


Whether or not you think you matter, that you have value, that you are pivotal,

your story matters.

Your story, the story of your life and the narrative of what happened is your legacy.

The memories of that story, what you did,

means that you leave behind the essence of who you were, and what you valued.


Your story matters.

The story you tell yourself about the life you have lived and the life you are living and the life you will live,

will determine how you live it.

It can determine what you believe is the essence of who you are and what you value

and whether or not you matter.


Your story matters.

How you tell it and where you tell it can determine your success,

whatever you perceive that to be

in your life, in your business, in your leadership.


So whether or not you think you matter,

your story matters.


And while I cannot and would not try to convince you that you matter,

what I would like to have you (and me) know is that we can have and need to have a measure of peace, of happiness, of self-belief and hope for the future,

that will underpin our moving forward with some sort of equanimity and confidence.


You can, I can.


My goal is to give you a new way of looking at your story so that you can see that too.


You and I have met here on this page, and if you are still reading, perhaps you want to know who I am and why I am here.


Looking back at my story, at my narrative, at my life, I see a pattern of the value of ideas, of ways of thinking, of ways of looking at the world.

In my time in academia, in my years as a librarian, in my experiences as a speaker, as a parent, as a partner,

there is the common thread of needing for myself and wanting to give others, a different way of looking at things that might give them the next step.

Sometimes it takes the form of being a devil's advocate, well maybe all the time, sometimes it is in response to a request.


So my business is based on the word Pivotal which encapsulates those two dreams, hopes, beliefs,

that ... you are, I am, we are ... pivotal

and that

we all pivot, change direction, often, maybe all of the time

sometimes a little, sometimes a lot

as we move towards who we can be and what we can do and have,

how we can move forward with some sort of equanimity and confidence and hope.


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